Played so many times that you already know all of the words?
Download new words
nieuwe woorden Half a Minute
What you can and can not do:
  • Here is a brief explanation to get you started within a half a minute.
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    Your turn will end in half a minute. Half a Minute tells you who to give the smartphone to next.
  • Invite your friends, you will need at least four people to play this game. But the fun really starts when you are playing with 6 or more players.
  • Eventually the team with the highest score wins.
  • Start a new game and assign all players to a team. You will only need one smartphone to play.
  • In the “Settings“ menu you will be able to change the game settings: language, determine how many points a winner earns and download new words.
  • A member of each team must describe five words within a half a minute. Your team receives a point for each word it gets right.
  • You will be able to find this tutorial under “How it works“ in the “Settings“ menu